Quick to Market - Quick to Profit

Here's how to get your software product to the market quickly with low risk

Workshop Content

Overview of SDLC Topics

The workshop consists of 24 video lectures. Each lecture belongs to one of the topics above. Lectures are deliberately short so they are easy to comprehend and stay focused. Here are the titles of the lectures. 

01 Introduction

02 Course Coverage

03 Software Engineering Institute

04 Software Development Approach

05 Fact Finding and Requirement Validation

06 Create the Baseline

07 Configuration Management

08 Data Base Usual Practices

09 Data Base Improved Practices

10 Create Software Requirement Specification

11 Constructing the Code

12 Write and Execute Test Cases

13 User Documents

14 Fix and Finalize

15 Deep Dive - Business Requirements

16 Deep Dive - Create Use Cases

17 Deep Dive - Interactive Wire Frame

18 Deep Dive - Bi-directional Traceability Matrix

19 Deep Dive - Create SRS

20 Deep Dive - Write Test Cases

21 Deep Dive - Execute Test Cases

22 Deep Dive - Change Control

23 Deep Dive - Write User Guide

24 Thank You

Lionel Bentkower
Lionel Bentkower

About the instructor

Software development professional with focused interest in improving software development processes and techniques to benefit the software development community.  

Hands-on experience as:

  • Project Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Software Developer
  • Business Analyst
  • Technical Writer
  • QA Manager
  • Data Architect

Deep experience in all phases 0f the Software Development Life Cycle. Familiar with CMMI for Development. Experienced in Agile and Waterfall methodologies.

Industries served include:

  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Gaming
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Printing
  • Association Management

Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration


What Others Have Been Saying

Name                    Sarah Caldwell

Industry               Software Development

Title                       Project Manager

I suggest that you give this workshop serious consideration. The instructor was very experienced and was very easy to follow. I also appreciated the PDF and Slide downloads.

Name                    Melvin Weinberg

Industry               Automobile Insurance

Title                       Software Development

This workshop presented some interesting processes that were new to me. I particularly liked the idea of shortening the SDLC time by using parallel workflows where possible. I have used Wireframes before as an aid to help the developers understand what the screens were to look like. But it had not occurred to me to use them in JAD sessions to validate requirements.

Name                    Robert Rockwell

Industry               Healthcare

Title                       Documentation Manager

The idea of writing the user guide before developing the software was an eye-opener. I was accustomed to cramming the user documentation into the project at the very end. It makes much more sense to use it during the testing phase. Some really interesting ideas.

Name                    Theresa Longstreet

Industry               Custom Software Development

Title                       Development Lead

What a great idea to use Use Cases to organize and prioritize module development. We recently adopted a Scrum paradigm. This approach will be very helpful in organizing the product backlog and defining sprint activities.

Name                    Richard Green

Industry               Accounting Software

Title                       Development Manager

Up to now I was not aware of the Software Engineering Institute and how it could help us. We do not do government work, so a CMMI rating was never discussed in our shop. We will probably never go for an official rating, but I am going to incorporate some of the CMMI suggested practices into our workflow. I’m sure some of the suggested practices will keep us out of trouble. It would be nice if we could operate at level 3.

Let's Do It !!!

This workshop is for project managers and development leads who want successful outcomes for their projects.

Quick to Market – Quick to Profit is a set of practices and techniques that will bring success to the entire development team.

Learn how to develop your software product quicker and safer!

  • Avoid project threatening practices
  • Improve requirement gathering, requirement validation, and requirement management skills
  • Provide what the business really needs
  • Design thoughtful test plans and scripts
  • Create user documentation that can be used by the testers to verify the code and the user guide itself
  • Deliver the right solutions in the right time-frame
  • Lay the groundwork for future product extensiblity and enhancement

Strengthen your company’s reputation and your own professional standing

This workshop will do all that and more!

And there is a thirty-day guarantee. If the workshop is not right for you let us know within the first thirty days and we’ll give you a full refund.

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